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Because of the huge (seriously) views in the last days I’ve decided to pick up my blog. Because I’ve been busy with other things lately, I haven’t had time (at all) to write here… Sadly.

However, I will make it up to you, soon enough.

For now (as it is 5:10 am here) enjoy this new video, made by Drift0r, about news and stuff about CoD:Ghosts! This now incorporates all news we got from the official press release, and so is up-to-date. He also got some new, leaked info there.

It also say’s that there will be all-new characters (along with an all-new world and experience). This means that, most likely, Simon “Ghost” Riley will not return to the Call of Duty franchise (for now)…

But anyway…

Keep blogging, and see you soon!

Germans, oh, Germans…

Hi guys!

No post yesterday – I know! It’s because the fact that I was in a car accident yesterday and the rest of my day was filled with field-hockey and stuf that I didn’t get to write a blog.

But straight to the point.


I came across this site (beware, it’s German) here. And they had a bad, BAD april’s fools joke. Go see for yourself. I just hate them because when I search for something serious and I find this, well, then I wasted my time looking.


Well, basically, that’s it for today. No real news, no new rumors, no nothing!

I’ll get back to you soon!




A long, long post. MW4 – teaser!

Hey guys,

Quite a long post – I had to take a bit of a break, needed to write an essay. Sorry, but an extra-long post to make it up to you!


Today, when I was not busy working on an essay for marketing, I stumbled on a site where they keep track of any video-rumors about MW4. I’d say, check it out if you are new to this blog. Most video’s I did post or mention, or simply aren’t all that important. But just to be complete.


Also, idigitaltimes finally picked up the rumors. They made a great post, in which… They mention a release date (11-11-13) with a possible poster… And that poster is interesting…

Subtext says: Are you ready to get back to the basics?

That poster is specifically interesting because of the subtext. Here’s why: Remember drift0r’s video? He said that the game would be set in the future, but would use ‘current-gen’ weaponry, due to some event in the single-player campaign. The apocalypse, zombies, something that forced them to use ‘old’ weaponry. Those could be the basics they are talking about – back to then-historic weaponry. Fallback option. Something like that.

They also have a supposedly ‘leaked’ release poster:

Release poster?

What we are seeing is futuristic, but not like 100 years ahead. Still flashbangs in the way we know them, a sight like that looks like a low-magnification scope, and the helmet doesn’t look too futuristic either. So basically, I don’t know how believeable this is. It looks a bit like the guy from the MW3 campaign – the leader from the Delta team that is called in. I can’t remember his name, but that’s what it looks like.

At the end of the post they also have a ‘inside source’ with multiplayer info!

DOLFIN DIVING HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! By that source, so take it with a grain of salt, but anyway, that’s besides the point. It’s exciting indeed! Here’s that video with multiplayer information, and here is the post about it.

That’s a LOT of exciting news. A big post for a day indeed!

Well guys… This was it for today! Enjoy, and keep blogging!



And when I wished for it…

Hi guys!

I wished for it, and I got it. Something happened!

All of you, turn on your consoles and/or PC and hop into Call of Duty:MW3 (multiplayer). And after all those rumors, after everything said and done, guess who just again popped up into those menu’s?

Yes! The one and only. Ghost!


Well, thanks Infinity Ward for giving me that to write about :)

But does it also mean something for MW4/CoD:Ghosts? It might. It might not. We simply don’t know. But I think it does mean something. A ‘mention’ to the community that we are in some way right about the upcoming title. I hope so!

Well, that’s it for today! Two short blogs, I’m sorry! Tomorrow will be really short, because I have a deadline (Thursday 15:00, GMT+1) that I have to make or otherwise I’m screwed – so until then, expect not too much!

Love you guys, and keep on blogging!


Nothing to write about. No news.

Hi guys,

So, as everyday, I am searching the web and twitter, facebook and several forums for hints, rumors, ANYTHING to write about. And altough there is alot to be written about, I can’t find ANYTHING for today!

So what I wanted to do was – could you guys give me something to write about? Either an article (or perhaps multiple) about MW4/Ghosts on the internet? Or maybe some fan-art? A youtube video? Or a subject for In Depth…

I really want to keep on blogging but for now I have nothing to say to you!

One thing – I did upload my first actual gameplay footage to Youtube today! I hope you guys like it. You’ll hear me talking about Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, but more often about MW4! And that is what this blog is all about! Hope to see you guys there! It is currently rendering!

Love, and keep on blogging,



Yea! There’s more NEWS here! Excitement!

First, look at this video from Drift0r. Just listen to what he says.

This is AWESOME! Activision makes it’s OWN engine! This is a massive improvement. This is a ten year leap forward in time (as the Quake engine used in all the previous CoD‘s (from CoD:4 onwards, yea…) is from 2003).
Well, that is SOME news. More links about the engine: 1. Here and another one: 2. Here (youtube video by Gamefr3akable showing some engine stuff).

So more detail, more quality, more graphics. One thing this does make likely – the idea of ‘next-gen exclusive’. Because I doubt that this will be running on the old consoles, they are just too old. The performance is just not sufficient I guess.

Drift0r also says more about MW4/Ghosts. Namely, he doesn’t know more than he said. He shared all info he had…

But… Drift0r missed one little thing, I guess. He missed the picture that Infinity Ward posted on their Facebook. See my earlier posts! I messaged him, he might use it, he might think it’s nothing, but I think differently! Price will, in some way, be BACK in the next CoD!

This tells something as well, because Bill Murray said that he would only be within the MW franchise, so I am more and more tending to a game that does fall within the MW franchise, but the final ‘episode’ in the franchise.

So rumors, rumors, rumors! And about one month towards an innouncement!




Hi guys!

Yesterday this picture was released on the Infinity Ward Facebook page:


Is that who we thinks he is? YES, it is! That is Captain Price! Would Drift0r’s rumors NOT be true then? And Bill Murray be right?

Or are the two rumors together true? I don’t know.

But it is an official source, so it is exciting news! Price WILL be back! In some form or another!

Check out the Facebook page:

I’ll be back shortly with more, I’m sick in bed and not really in the writing mood currently!

See ya,


Modern Warfare 4 – update

Hey guys (and girls),

Remember that video I posted yesterday? It got attention! I saw this (DSO-gaming) and that made me wonder, with the new Battlefield 4 footage revealed yesterday, might it be something to draw attention away from the Battlefield footage? And thus be the real thing? I don’t know, I don’t think Activision would be leaking 40 seconds of non-gameplay to counter 17 minutes of BF4, to be honest, but it might just be enough…

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the Battlefield 4 footage as well. I am a CoD fanboy (faster paced, smaller maps), but there’s some nice things in here!

Let me know what you think!

See you soon!


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